The Crossover: Making Your Biggest Dreams Your Greatest Reality

The Global Renaissance Movement is the combined energies and actions of all those who look out upon the global landscape and recognize that we as a people, as a human species, can do better, that we can be more than we are and have more than we’ve got, but only through massive positive action.  Taking massive positive action is necessary for the creation of the better planet all of us want and badly need.  Recently one of my students, Carter, commented in class, “You know what Mr. J, the world really is a messed up place”.  I agreed with him that the world is indeed a messed up place, but it doesn’t have to be.  Each day that we are blessed with oxygen in our lungs and the life of a new day, that is a chance to get it right, to have more and contribute more than the day before.

This is a movement to remake the world.  It is a global movement to promote, fight for and bring about world peace, freedom and friendship among all the worlds citizens.  We all have our own unique role to play throughout the never ending human story.  Everyone has their own passions and creative abilities.  Teaching kids about the positive path of business is MY role.  Inspiring my own peer group to commit acts of public service is MY role.  Telling the world my truth, that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, is MY role.  What’s yours?

A portion of each copy of this book sold directly contributes to the construction materials used to build the primary school in Malawi as part of The Renaissance Ambassador Trek.  At this moment in time this is my biggest dream that I WILL see become a great reality.  This reality is the beginning of The Global Renaissance Movement! I invite you to join this movement and help us to remake the world.



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