Epiphanies: Realizations of Great Truths

The Epiphany I had is the overall premise which a focus of the book for the reader to identify the ideas that he or she thinks of often and routinely discard thinking them not to be valuable and instead of discarding these ideas, myself and additional co-authors highlight the ways in which a person dedicated to dream fulfillment might go about turning that idea, the thought that was the result from an Ah-Ha moment, into a tangible, profitable and legitimate business entity or product as well as outlining how to use that product or business entity for the improvement of themselves, their communities and indeed the world at large.

This venture is a soon to be released group book.  Written and compiled by 10 very different Global Change Agents with the amazing trait of selflessness in common.  Contained within this book is the knowledge that unlock the secrets to monetizing your talents and tapping into your higher sense of self.  This book is written, published and sold for the purpose of supporting The Global Renaissance Movement generally and The Renaissance Ambassador Trek specifically.  When you purchase this book, you are supporting the international education of an American child.  It’s that simple.  The good folks who make up the authors of this book are all True Believers of the very real but often unrealized truth that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  our team simply does not believe in limitations.  Why else would we set out to raise 100 Grand to begin an innovative educational program and bring our students on a good will service mission to Malawi?  It’s because we know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and we claim victory over this mission, we claim victory over the fundraising needed to make it on the mission even now as we truthfully are far from our goal. The rest of this team as I myself are walking by Faith and not by Sight.  We say that we can complete this mission and so we shall by the grace of God and with your support, we will be successful.  We will make history. We will transform lives and make this world a better place.


Co-Authors Include:

J Glenn Smith

Ambrose Lawanga

Chrystal Lee, MBA

Warren Tarver

Tush Turner

Crystal Ford


Competitive Advantages for your company to join The Global Renaissance Movement and advertise within EPIPHANIES:

  1. Choosing a Group Book Advertisement is actually not a purchase at all; it is a proven Tax-Deductible Charitable Contribution. Good Hope Charities is Non-Profit 501 c3 organization and your advertisement can be written off on your company’s taxes.
  1. Your advertisement is PERMANENT. As in FOREVER.  In all future reprints.
  2. Your advertisements will be placed ____ states where all of our authors call home. Reaching an audience that you otherwise would not reach.
  3. You gain instant access to ____ industries that our authors represent.
  4. Your charitable contribution will have a direct positive impact on the lives of our many different young people children in 2 different countries in 2 different hemispheres of our world. You will be making a lasting impact for generations.
  5. You immediately will become a part of history as this effort, The Global Renaissance Movement nor has anything like it never was done before. Prospective customers will know you for your philanthropic efforts and innovative creative foresight.
  1. We offer you added value benefits.
  2. Business support from The Global Renaissance Movement Business Support Network.
  3. Targeted advocacy of your company and the industry in which you operate.
  4. Referrals from The Global Renaissance Movement Business Support Network
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Discounts on our workshop presenters and keynoters from The Global Renaissance Bureau of Speakers
  7. Support for us and The Global Renaissance Movement directly supports college students all over America through our Remote Internship Programs. Our interns will gain exceptional experience and income by way of supporting your company doing what it does best, making a profit! We actively send customers your way.  Always will.

Competitive Advantage of Advertising Opportunities within this book are for the purpose of raising the necessary funds to create the programming that we have envisioned.  The funds from the sale of this book support each of these fantastic public servants and the advertising goes directly to support the Strategic Visions of The Global Renaissance Movement.  If interested in advertising and reaching our audience through this unique method of communication inside this book or within the inspirational magazine, THE RENAISSANCE, please contact J Glenn at GlobalRenaissanceMovement@Gmail.com or 501.428.3627


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