Global Renaissance PAC

The Global Renaissance Movement is Political as it is Economic as it is Educational.  All of these aspects of social living intersect and cannot be affected or improved without navigating throughout the worlds of all 3 dimensions.

The Political aims of this PAC for the 016 Presidential Election Cycle are the following.  These are subject to review and updating as well as the addition of others as THE GLOBAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT continues to unfold.


With help of our partners and YOU the individual that truly loves and supports actual freedom and authentic standards of justice not just hollow political platitudes that are offered up to continue to detract and distract from the real villains of our country who have widened the gulf between the haves and the have nots all while they continue to divide the nation along racial and class lines.  This organization is moving forward toward the use of all political means available to affect real change that he pople of tis at ion do in fact want yet whose will is routinely thwarted by BOTH political parties ho speak with the same forked tongue.


We will operate with a collective strategy


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