InterFaith Alliance

The Global Renaissance Interfaith Alliance is the coming together of all organizations, all faiths, beliefs and places of worship across the spectrum of the global community, coming together to support the mission and strategic visions of The Global Renaissance Movement.  Our aim is to work collectively and intelligently with all individuals, organizations and public entities to promote, support, advocate for and bring about world peace, freedom and friendship. This is done with entrepreneurship through global engagement and educational opportunities offered to the young people we serve.  These young people are of an economic disposition not allowing for their participation in such events and programs as the Renaissance Ambassador Trek or afford the participation costs for a program such as The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy.

This academy strives to teach our students the value of leadership scholarship and entrepreneurship as well as self-reliance, self-determination, conflict resolution and peacemaking and diplomacy. Certainly our world needs more peace makers as well as those who genuinely care for others by taking an active role in the difficult yet not so impossible work of making our world better.

The details of the Renaissance Ambassador Trek Mission to Malawi can be found here.

The goals, plans and purpose of The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy can be found here.

We of The Global Renaissance Movement, in our mission to bring enlightenment to many in need, seek to be a living example to others who may wish to have an impact and not know how.  We seek to remove the cost barriers that prevent so many of the deserving young people from taking part in life transformational programming; to do that we have under taken a number of creative initiatives that both serves the public good and the global community.  For those institutions of faith that believe in our stated missions, support our work and would like to see these efforts succeed, we ask that you join us in support. There are a number of things that you as an individual or as an organization can do to help.

What we’ve come to bring into existence and launch in this year of 2017 is the Global Renaissance Electronics Recycling Program.  Very simply put, electronic waste is now a growing problem for our world with the purchase and the proliferation of a seemingly endless parade of electronic gadgets and widgets from personal computers and tablets to smartphones and more, we are all continuously upgrading and as we do our electronic trash ends up in our landfills that go on to pollute the very soil, air and water that we need to stay alive as these waste products breakdown.

We ask that your organization or place of worship become a member of this Interfaith Alliance in support of these our efforts by volunteering your space to become a contribution center in your community for your members, supporters and for any others who may wish to support the movement. We would like for others to be able to bring their gadgets, widgets and other electronic hardware to your facility, your building, where it will be held until collected on a biweekly or monthly basis as our organization will come to pick them up.  We will take the items from you and bring them directly to an electronic recycling center whom like you has joined in support of The Global Renaissance Movement.   The funds generated from this exchange will go to break through the cost barriers for deserving students who need a place outside of traditional schooling to develop their time, talent and ideas in ways they once thought to be impossible.  This educational endeavor is our Change Agent Academy.  We ask you to join us in this effort that until now has never been done.   It’s a free and easy way to help our young students create and  take part in history.  Won’t you please join us?

Information on E-Waste Recycling

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