The Pine Bluff Black Author Expo

All proceeds from this event are for the benefit of The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy, a learning center and The Global Renaissance Movement.  A Global impact movement empowering communities through innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development.  This learning center will bring sprint time to the economic winters of our most challenged communities.

Authors will pay 10 dollars to have a table and participate.

All showcase participants are allotted 2 raffle tickets as a result of their paid participation

All businesses that contribute will be allotted entry into the a second drawing for a Quarter page permanent advertising inside the group book, EPIPHANIES: REALIZATIONS OF GREAT TRUTHS.


Auj’Rae’s by design LLC


Fantastic Fashions & Accessories is a fashion boutique for young girls and tweens, that was created by Terri McCuien. Each pillow case dress, tutu and flip flop are hand made. With your support we will donate a dress to the Renaissance Ambassador Trek Mission to Malawi Program, to be given to and worn by the young female students of Malawi attending this school.

FANTASTIC FASHIONS, Because every girl should feel beautiful! 

For purchase prices and additional information on how to support please Contact Terri McCuien @ 501.563.3701 or email her at