Barbershop Book Corners

Great things come from reading!  Special shout out to Paul Gaskin of Diverse Cuts Barbershop. Home of the First Barbershop Book Corner in Omaha, Nebraska! The bookshelf in this shop is the Very First donated bookshelf to GOOD HOPE CHARITIES for the Barbershop Book Corners to promote literacy, Self and Wealth Development! Thank you to Leressa Joiner, my fantastic friend from Omaha, Nebraska for the first contribution of a bookshelf that we have received to date.  Special shout out to my wonderful friend, Terri McCuien, of Conway, Arkansas, for her contribution of a box of books that will be given to Mr. Paul Gaskin, owner of Diverse Cuts Barbershop in Omaha, Nebraska.   for her positive contribution and for answering the call I put out a week ago. People like you make all the difference.


Our intention at GOOD HOPE CHARITIES is to establish a Book Corner in every barbershop and beauty salon in the cities of Omaha, Nebraska, Little Rock – Conway – Pine Bluff, Arkansas.   We have the vision to expand to further areas with your help.  Just because its summer doesn’t mean that kids or anyone should take a break off of learning. We have a great need to increase literacy in our community as well as to Empower this young generation with the skills and knowledge to have Self – Determination and the confidence that comes with education.

If you think this is a great idea and effort, please email me at   if you know who has additional bookshelves that GOOD HOPE CHARITIES may have for this purpose or any books that you would like to donate to this cause. Or to purchase a copy of my book, The Crossover, which supports efforts such as this as well as the building of our learning center, THE GLOBAL RENAISSANCE CHANGE AGENT ACADEMY.

Now kids can read empowering and enlightening books as they wait for their fresh fade or line up. If your child is 4th in line for a cut, isn’t it better that he read a book instead of watching television or on their phone? We have the power to make this world whatever we want it to be the moment we decide to do so.  We don’t have to tolerate or settle for the circumstances or conditions our people find themselves in.

To all the other doers of good out there, I applaud you. I applaud you because i respect you, i appreciate you and we all need you to keep doing what you’re doing! PEACE!



Very Proud to have DIVERSE CUTS BARBERSHOP as the first business participant of the Barbershop Book Corners effort.  This means a great deal.  Thank you Paul Gaskin.

This is the first bookshelf donated to Good Hope Charities by my friend Leressa Joiner!  Please help us fill it with books that will certainly change the lives of some wonderful young people who need more reading in their lives.  We all know this to be true.