I Will


I will.  To a great extent these can be the most powerful words spoken by a person no matter the tongue by which they are birthed.  I will, is more than a positive affirmation, much more than the manifestation of positive thought. The statement or better still, the belief in, I will, is a verbal weapon to be used toward the enactment of our manifest destiny, our glorious future that most certainly will come to be if we are thrice more determined than the forces that oppose our uplift and seeks to thwart our ascension.

I will, is beyond a statement.  I Will, is a vision of what is to become.  I will, is a vivid dream seen through the prism of possibility printed indelibly on the brain.  More simply put, I Will, is the only oar in our possession when we are alone, lost at sea.  I will, is our faith in action.  I will, is our hope during our feelings of seemingly hopelessness.  That conviction is our refuge during the hurricane, the oasis in the desert.  The journey to dream fulfillment is no easy task to achieve.  Blazing a trail between perceived dreams and accomplished realities is not easy but it is definitely POSSIBLE!


When the road ahead is hard and it seems like all is lost and our efforts are futile and it appears that our resources have been spent and that our supporters have abandoned us, I will, can carry us through the storm to see the bright light of a new and blessed day.  I will, will carry you through because there will be times when this will be all you have to cleave to.  Every titan of every industry at one point or another had utterly nothing except the pure will and determination of their human spirit to make happen what they saw taking place with their minds eye.  This is what I must do.  This too is what you must do and all others with a dream too colorful and boisterous to contain within the heart of our bodies.

No matter the dream, no matter the need, no matter the desire, no matter the setbacks, no matter the failures in recent past, no matter the difficulties, say to yourself, say out loud and in defiance of the negative naysayers, I WILL.

I WILL overcome this obstacle.  I WILL lose this weight.  I WILL graduate from college.  I WILL be a better parent.  I WILL beat this addiction.  I WILL reconnect with my loved ones.  I WILL become a better man today than I was yesterday.  I WILL make this year a more beautiful, bountiful and blessed year than the last.  With the remainder of this year I, we, must take command of the opportunities granted to us by God of another chance, a chance to move ahead forging finer futures, a chance to correct the mistakes of our past and to adopt new disciplines for our futures.  We must.  We can.  We will!



One thought on “I Will

  1. OMG! This is powerful. It was that phrase I WILL (It So) I used to fulfill a dream that came true several years ago, J. Glen. Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to start THAT I WILL THING up again. It’s powerful and yes it works!

    Man, who are YOU?! You are Awesome! That’s for damn certain.


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