The Change Agent Express


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. — Frederick Douglas

Young people are capable of extraordinary things when living lives of passion and purpose. I believe that learning by doing breeds passion and that a variety of experiences is critical for leader-ship development.

My vision is to acquire a bus, completely gut it and recreate it from the inside out. Rows of bolted bench seats will give way to a mobile classroom for the 21st century. As the newly born Change Agent Express makes its way across the country, my team and accompanying students aboard will go on to experience the thrill of a dream in action. Where dreams hit the road and come to life all at the same time.

Our mission is to inspire dreamers to take action all along the way from our journey to their hometowns to the destinations that will reveal opportunities within the world that the youth we serve might otherwise never come to know.

This experience will be an environment where next generation leaders are made ensuring that students aboard the Change Agent Express have the most impactful experience possible and gain the necessary skills and confidence required to build the Future while offering those coming after them the same opportunity. Washington D.C. site visits will include but are not limited to The Smithsonian – The White House – United States Congress – The Mary-land Science Center – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia – Vietnam War Memorial – Lincoln Memorial – Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial – The Albert Einstein Memorial – The American History Museum – Under-ground Railroad Museum and much much more.


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