The Change Agent Express



I Will


I will.  To a great extent these can be the most powerful words spoken by a person no matter the tongue by which they are birthed.  I will, is more than a positive affirmation, much more than the manifestation of positive thought. The statement or better still, the belief in, I will, is a verbal weapon to be used toward the enactment of our manifest destiny, our glorious future that most certainly will come to be if we are thrice more determined than the forces that oppose our uplift and seeks to thwart our ascension.

I will, is beyond a statement.  I Will, is a vision of what is to become.  I will, is a vivid dream seen through the prism of possibility printed indelibly on the brain.  More simply put, I Will, is the only oar in our possession when we are alone, lost at sea.  I will, is our faith in action.  I will, is our hope during our feelings of seemingly hopelessness.  That conviction is our refuge during the hurricane, the oasis in the desert.  The journey to dream fulfillment is no easy task to achieve.  Blazing a trail between perceived dreams and accomplished realities is not easy but it is definitely POSSIBLE!


When the road ahead is hard and it seems like all is lost and our efforts are futile and it appears that our resources have been spent and that our supporters have abandoned us, I will, can carry us through the storm to see the bright light of a new and blessed day.  I will, will carry you through because there will be times when this will be all you have to cleave to.  Every titan of every industry at one point or another had utterly nothing except the pure will and determination of their human spirit to make happen what they saw taking place with their minds eye.  This is what I must do.  This too is what you must do and all others with a dream too colorful and boisterous to contain within the heart of our bodies.

No matter the dream, no matter the need, no matter the desire, no matter the setbacks, no matter the failures in recent past, no matter the difficulties, say to yourself, say out loud and in defiance of the negative naysayers, I WILL.

I WILL overcome this obstacle.  I WILL lose this weight.  I WILL graduate from college.  I WILL be a better parent.  I WILL beat this addiction.  I WILL reconnect with my loved ones.  I WILL become a better man today than I was yesterday.  I WILL make this year a more beautiful, bountiful and blessed year than the last.  With the remainder of this year I, we, must take command of the opportunities granted to us by God of another chance, a chance to move ahead forging finer futures, a chance to correct the mistakes of our past and to adopt new disciplines for our futures.  We must.  We can.  We will!



Barbershop Book Corners

Great things come from reading!  Special shout out to Paul Gaskin of Diverse Cuts Barbershop. Home of the First Barbershop Book Corner in Omaha, Nebraska! The bookshelf in this shop is the Very First donated bookshelf to GOOD HOPE CHARITIES for the Barbershop Book Corners to promote literacy, Self and Wealth Development! Thank you to Leressa Joiner, my fantastic friend from Omaha, Nebraska for the first contribution of a bookshelf that we have received to date.  Special shout out to my wonderful friend, Terri McCuien, of Conway, Arkansas, for her contribution of a box of books that will be given to Mr. Paul Gaskin, owner of Diverse Cuts Barbershop in Omaha, Nebraska.   for her positive contribution and for answering the call I put out a week ago. People like you make all the difference.


Our intention at GOOD HOPE CHARITIES is to establish a Book Corner in every barbershop and beauty salon in the cities of Omaha, Nebraska, Little Rock – Conway – Pine Bluff, Arkansas.   We have the vision to expand to further areas with your help.  Just because its summer doesn’t mean that kids or anyone should take a break off of learning. We have a great need to increase literacy in our community as well as to Empower this young generation with the skills and knowledge to have Self – Determination and the confidence that comes with education.

If you think this is a great idea and effort, please email me at   if you know who has additional bookshelves that GOOD HOPE CHARITIES may have for this purpose or any books that you would like to donate to this cause. Or to purchase a copy of my book, The Crossover, which supports efforts such as this as well as the building of our learning center, THE GLOBAL RENAISSANCE CHANGE AGENT ACADEMY.

Now kids can read empowering and enlightening books as they wait for their fresh fade or line up. If your child is 4th in line for a cut, isn’t it better that he read a book instead of watching television or on their phone? We have the power to make this world whatever we want it to be the moment we decide to do so.  We don’t have to tolerate or settle for the circumstances or conditions our people find themselves in.

To all the other doers of good out there, I applaud you. I applaud you because i respect you, i appreciate you and we all need you to keep doing what you’re doing! PEACE!



Very Proud to have DIVERSE CUTS BARBERSHOP as the first business participant of the Barbershop Book Corners effort.  This means a great deal.  Thank you Paul Gaskin.

This is the first bookshelf donated to Good Hope Charities by my friend Leressa Joiner!  Please help us fill it with books that will certainly change the lives of some wonderful young people who need more reading in their lives.  We all know this to be true.



The Pine Bluff Black Author Expo

All proceeds from this event are for the benefit of The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy, a learning center and The Global Renaissance Movement.  A Global impact movement empowering communities through innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development.  This learning center will bring sprint time to the economic winters of our most challenged communities.

Authors will pay 10 dollars to have a table and participate.

All showcase participants are allotted 2 raffle tickets as a result of their paid participation

All businesses that contribute will be allotted entry into the a second drawing for a Quarter page permanent advertising inside the group book, EPIPHANIES: REALIZATIONS OF GREAT TRUTHS.


Auj’Rae’s by design LLC


Fantastic Fashions & Accessories is a fashion boutique for young girls and tweens, that was created by Terri McCuien. Each pillow case dress, tutu and flip flop are hand made. With your support we will donate a dress to the Renaissance Ambassador Trek Mission to Malawi Program, to be given to and worn by the young female students of Malawi attending this school.

FANTASTIC FASHIONS, Because every girl should feel beautiful! 

For purchase prices and additional information on how to support please Contact Terri McCuien @ 501.563.3701 or email her at


InterFaith Alliance

The Global Renaissance Interfaith Alliance is the coming together of all organizations, all faiths, beliefs and places of worship across the spectrum of the global community, coming together to support the mission and strategic visions of The Global Renaissance Movement.  Our aim is to work collectively and intelligently with all individuals, organizations and public entities to promote, support, advocate for and bring about world peace, freedom and friendship. This is done with entrepreneurship through global engagement and educational opportunities offered to the young people we serve.  These young people are of an economic disposition not allowing for their participation in such events and programs as the Renaissance Ambassador Trek or afford the participation costs for a program such as The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy.

This academy strives to teach our students the value of leadership scholarship and entrepreneurship as well as self-reliance, self-determination, conflict resolution and peacemaking and diplomacy. Certainly our world needs more peace makers as well as those who genuinely care for others by taking an active role in the difficult yet not so impossible work of making our world better.

The details of the Renaissance Ambassador Trek Mission to Malawi can be found here.

The goals, plans and purpose of The Global Renaissance Change Agent Academy can be found here.

We of The Global Renaissance Movement, in our mission to bring enlightenment to many in need, seek to be a living example to others who may wish to have an impact and not know how.  We seek to remove the cost barriers that prevent so many of the deserving young people from taking part in life transformational programming; to do that we have under taken a number of creative initiatives that both serves the public good and the global community.  For those institutions of faith that believe in our stated missions, support our work and would like to see these efforts succeed, we ask that you join us in support. There are a number of things that you as an individual or as an organization can do to help.

What we’ve come to bring into existence and launch in this year of 2017 is the Global Renaissance Electronics Recycling Program.  Very simply put, electronic waste is now a growing problem for our world with the purchase and the proliferation of a seemingly endless parade of electronic gadgets and widgets from personal computers and tablets to smartphones and more, we are all continuously upgrading and as we do our electronic trash ends up in our landfills that go on to pollute the very soil, air and water that we need to stay alive as these waste products breakdown.

We ask that your organization or place of worship become a member of this Interfaith Alliance in support of these our efforts by volunteering your space to become a contribution center in your community for your members, supporters and for any others who may wish to support the movement. We would like for others to be able to bring their gadgets, widgets and other electronic hardware to your facility, your building, where it will be held until collected on a biweekly or monthly basis as our organization will come to pick them up.  We will take the items from you and bring them directly to an electronic recycling center whom like you has joined in support of The Global Renaissance Movement.   The funds generated from this exchange will go to break through the cost barriers for deserving students who need a place outside of traditional schooling to develop their time, talent and ideas in ways they once thought to be impossible.  This educational endeavor is our Change Agent Academy.  We ask you to join us in this effort that until now has never been done.   It’s a free and easy way to help our young students create and  take part in history.  Won’t you please join us?

Information on E-Waste Recycling